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Brussels Airlines party flight to Tomorrowland

For the fourth consecutive year we flew the world to Tomorrowland: 11.871 passengers on 119 different party flights out of 64 departure airports all around the...

SN Brussels Airlines - Mr. Smith

Director Dimitri Karakatsanis Title: Mr. Smith Product SN Brussels Airlines Agency: LG&F/Famous Length: 125

Brussels Airlines Tomorrowland party flights

Brussels Airlines flew party goers from all over the world to Belgium for the best dance festival in the world, Tomorrowland, and surprised them with a party at...

Be part of Brussels Airlines

Go on a tour with the Brussels Airlines crew. From a warm welcome on the ground to the best comfort in the air, join in the fun and experience the passion.

Brussels Airlines

Two Belgian airlines come together, Brussels Airlines is born!.


LOOP, the frequent flyer programme for everyone

Brussels airlines - Customer Service

Watch this amazing advertisement that speaks volumes about how important each and every customer is! Remember, the customer is always King!

Inaugural Flight to New York City!

On the 1st of June 2012 one of our renewed A330 aircraft took off at Brussels Airport towards jfk for the very first time! It was a very emotional and exciting day,...

New Long Haul Onboard Experience

A new experience is awaiting you on board our intercontinental flights. Our entire long haul fleet is refurbished, providing you with superior comfort to make sure...