Rest in peace for a friend quotes - vidéo ici
Quotes Libraries - Traveler (Trip-Hop & Chillout Mix)

Quotes Libraries - Traveler (Trip-Hop & Chillout Mix) Its been already half a year since Quotes Libraries has been created, so we decided to make another mix.

Tribute to Monty Oum

We love you, Monty. A special thanks to This Will Destroy You for allowing us to use The Mighty Rio Grande.

Rest In Peace Seb

Well ride again soon.

R.I.P Quotes

Dedicated to my grandad, love you lots and miss you just a video to respect to all those who have someone who has left this world, R. I. P! Please subscribe like...

Rest In Peace Lewie

R.I.P Steve Jobs Tribute (1955-2011) Quotes

Thank you Steve for what you have done and what you have achived. It has made a diffrence for all. TheCaasi619 Steve Jobs was a uniquely recognisable,...

Chris - Rest in peace my friend

Rest In Peace Colton.

Top 10 Amazing Inspirational Quotes of Actor Paul Walker

Here are 10 Amazing Inspirational Quotes from Late Paul Walker about Life, Family, Success and His Philosophy. Paul William Walker (September 12, 1973...

The living legend superstar roadie The Rat theres only one rat quote from best friend Lemmy

theres only one rat legendary quote from the one interview I shared with the late great lead singer of Motorhead Lemmy Kilmister may he rest in peace here...